The Olare Orok Conservancy offers protection for the Mara way of life and the communities that cover the more than 370,000 acres of brush and natural eco-system, that’s been in a place for thousands of years.

The efforts made by the Olare and Orok Conservancies allows for a safer free roaming habitat on the land of the Masai. Additionally, tourists are able to see animals in their natural habitat without disturbing them.

Conservation for our earth has never been as important as it is today. While we see ice caps melting, and rare species of animals being hunted down to extinction, the poachers killing these animals have no regard for the fact that this will not only end the ability for these animals to reproduce, but it will also end their own livelihood by hunting to extinction.


Our hope is that the public may become more aware of the situations in Africa with animals they may never get a chance to see in the natural environment, simply because groups of people who are solely focused in profits are trying to destroy a system that has a balance and shape which has been in place for longer than their very own ancestors.

We ask for your help to help your communities become informed of the serious situation of our planet. Let’s not destroy the little we have left. Let’s become conscious of our resource consumption, and live each day with the future in mind. Save water, decrease your use of energy, and do what is within your own power to set an example.

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